Icarus Operation

Paragraph 1

  • Every human person is appointed a guardian angel at birth.

  • A guardian is responsible for everyone to fullfill life tasks.

  • A guardian can only act as much as the person agrees to.

  • A guardian angel can do everything thats needed for protection and guidance.

  • All angels , appointed as guardians have no name.

  • Surrendering to your guardian angel , gives the angel all possible influence. to guard you.

  • When you are christian, hindu(my Gayatri), jew or in favor of other religions, the guardian angel supercedes that.

  • A guardian angel cannot be tempted to do evil or to compromise his task.

  • When you have wishes or desires you may ask your guardian angel to help getting them.

  • When you are a victim , it might help to pray for a rescue.

  • How you reach out for your guardian angel , is your own responsability.

  • There is no promise on how our guardian angels act towards us,
    so there are no fixed methods on how they influence us.

  • Your guardian angel has only priority for you,
    and not to other people, other religions, or other forces.

  • A guardian angel chooses the right and decent way.

  • War or violence is not a common way for an angel .

  • An angel does not advocate any sin, or forbidden crimes.

  • When you are religious, it is not forbidden to ask angels to your help.

  • A guardian angel can teach you to pray towards a known religious being.
    such as Lord, Holy One and others.

  • A guardian angel has no visible form, has no wings, and cannot be wounded.
    and has no specific gender.

  • Everything a human does, is by his human form applicable to law or commandments.

  • Because of an angel there is no supernatural election.

  • Whatever a human attains by work, intelligence, or other means, is the merit of that human.

  • whatever a human does, crimes, bad things, is accountable to the human.

  • A guardian angel is not preoccupied to make you rich or famous.

  • A guardian angel is not set to give you the most beautifull lifepartner,
    or the most splendid job. but chooses whats best.

  • An angel has no place in a certain hierarchy, and is not submissive or bound to
    human hierarchies.

  • An angel has his own life, so is not bound to karma

  • An angel is appointed because of its power to heal and survive possible threats

  • When an angel is testified, no one knows what will happen
  • As an angel supercedes the human, he may be subject to religion

  • So its not forbidden to surrender to Gayatri or Brahman, or to the Isa Upanishad

  • As the fruits of karma grow, one is blessed or cursed

  • As an angel is him or herself;
    She or He too has the option to surrender
    to a power of choice at the moment of choice

Paragraph 2

  • As all angels can be with name or without.

  • As there is one arch angel without name.

  • If angels are appointed and desrcibed angel they are at goodness

  • All guardian angels are appointed at birth and leave at death

  • all guardian angels hold their responsability during life

  • People are living with their free will untill surrender to God or a God

  • Praying to Arch angels is allowed and serve as prayers

  • Those willing to attend religion are granted access

  • As a person surrenders to a God, it is with permission of his guardian angel.

  • One cannot say this religion is the only one, all serve the goal for religious purposes.

  • One cannot bribe angels, as their will is invisible to everyone.

  • In all holy scriptures and books that angels and gods may not be tempted or tested.

  • An angel cannot be bought, not by contract or by law of others.

  • Angels are of pure light, their soul rests at the gods.

  • People have the prime goal to search for the goal of life.

  • The life's ordeal is at the end of life. but yet a prayer may be given.

  • All guardian angels are appointed by a religion, as they have gods will in their heart.

  • Surrender to a Godhead is a religious deed.

  • All theme's above normal human life, is custody of the angels and religions

  • Attending daily prayer, gives religion the influence to grant godly light.

  • Paragraph 3

  • As the guardian is appointed at birth, along the lifepath one can return to its grace

  • As the guardian is appointed at birth, sin and evil in the ahnds of angels can change.

  • Each guardian knows a path to the top of the mountain

  • Regard a guardian as family, as it has most love for its subjects

  • Regard a guardian without preference or predilection.

  • A covenant or pact is not valid at the guardians

  • As one converts to religion, the goodness, or the virtues, guardians are with happiness.

  • As one chooses self to convert, one steps on the path.

  • All Guardians look at the Lord most High, or the High Gods always.

  • A Guardian as all angels have no names. But yet their obligation is valid.

  • Sometimes a Doctor has to remove bad tissue, an angel may purify its subject

  • Guardians are appointed to subjects, but subjects with their religious preference are valid.

  • Guardians cannot turn in demons.

  • Returning to the path and paying the costprice, all guardians can attend.